Luiza Kwiatkowska


warsaw, Poland

My head is full of creatures so I have to make them alive if I don't want to go crazy.

I'm illustrator & character designer. My job is my hobby and makes me happy.
I work for varieties of clients and brands. I like new challenges.
I don't like stuck in one place. I'm happy without getting bored so constantly develop my skills,
explore new places, peoples and get new passions.

In many of my papers I have dealt with issues related to the rights of minorities and the protection of our planet.

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3 d

Do you really think you're so pretty?

4 d

I miss clean ocean so much..

9 d

Sometimes I wonder if my bun is another form of life

11 d

Wander mom & little heroes

15 d

Sometimes I don't know what to say

22 d

cloudy child

26 d

I'm not fat just fluffy

1 mo

If octobunny was able to run

1 mo

It's nice to be with family

1 mo

Nobody is perfect

1 mo

no one can hurt you now

1 mo

Advanced yoga for flexibility

1 mo

Maybe Finn is a girl?

1 mo

Attack of plastic bags

1 mo

Are fruits poisonous?