Privacy Policy

As of May 2017

This Privacy Policy sets out the data processing practices carried out by Pictoplasma, Denicke & Thaler GbR in relation to information provided by you on the platform available under (“Pictofolio”). Pictoplasma Denicke & Thaler GbR, Plantagenstraße 31, 13347 Berlin, Germany, is a partnership whose partners are Lars Denicke and Peter Thaler (hereinafter “Pictoplasma”).
When registering for the services provided under the domain you agree to the collection and processing of data by Pictoplasma as set out in this privacy policy.


Personal Data means, within the meaning of this privacy policy, individual information on your personal or material circumstances. Personal data also includes information on the use of the services on Pictofolio under the domain The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent to the processing by Pictoplasma for the purposes described in this privacy policy and the necessity to process your personal data in order to perform our contractual obligations to provide you with Pictofolio’s services.

(a) Inventory Data
Pictoplasma saves all data you submit when registering for the services on Pictofolio. Such data includes your username, email address and—if you register for paid subscription services—your billing address and payment information. If you chose to register for Pictofolio by using your Facebook-Account, Pictoplasma will save the data transferred by Facebook to the extent such data is necessary for the registration, including username and profile picture. Pictoplasma uses such data in order to provide you with the services on Pictofolio. In particular, Pictoplasma uses your email address to provide you with a newsletter on the services provided on Pictofolio. In case you do not want to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe the newsletter via the link provided in the newsletter or in your account settings.

(b) Usage Data
When visiting the website without logging on the platform, Pictoplasma collects the following usage data: IP address, browser information, computer information, network information. Pictoplasma uses such data for the operation of the website, in particular in order to detect or to eliminate errors on the website, to ensure the security of the website, to determine the utilization of the website and in order to make adaptations or improvements.
Pictoplasma also collects information on the use of the website by using session-cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your data storage medium, which save the specific settings and data exchange via the browser. A cookie typically contains the name of the domain from which the cookie has come, information on the age of the cookie and alphanumeric identifiers. Session-cookies help Pictoplasma to enable the use of the website and improve services by making the services more user-friendly.
The session-cookies only saves the information on whether you are logged in to an account during the session and on your use of the website. There will be no reference to your name, but a reference to an identification number pertaining to the cookie (“Cookie-ID”). In case you do not consent to the use of session-cookies, you can change the browser settings, so that a storage of cookies will not be accepted. However the website may not function properly and/or some features may not be available in that case.
Pictoplasma uses Piwik as a web analysis tool. The analysis is effected by a cookie which provides your shortened IP-Address to Pictoplasma and the data on your use of the website. The data stored via Piwik are pseudonym and no user profiles are consolidated with your personal data. Pictoplasma does not use other web analysis tools, such as Google Analytics. Piwik stores the analysis on the Pictofolio server. Pictoplasma uses the data collected via the Piwik-Cookies to make the services provided on Pictofolio more interesting for you and to improve the usability. In case you do not consent to the use of the cookies, you can change the browser settings, so that a storage of cookies will not be accepted. However the website may not function properly and/or some features may not be available in that case. You can deactivate the use of Piwik on the following page:

(c) Content Data
Pictoplasma collects all data you provide when using the services of Pictofolio, including all pictures and information uploaded to Pictofolio, information added to your user profile and any data provided when using the messaging service. Pictoplasma collects the data in order to provide the services on Pictofolio. The information added to your profile and the pictures uploaded on Pictofolio are visible for other users.


Pictoplasma deletes all inventory data once such data are no longer needed to provide the services on Pictofolio to you, nor for legal record keeping requirements.
Pictoplasma deletes usage data when such data is no longer needed for the purpose to provide and improve Pictofolio, eliminate errors on the website and to ensure the security of the website. In particular, Pictoplasma deletes your IP-address after 7 days except in case unforeseeable security concerns require longer storage of your IP-address. Pictoplasma deletes the data collected via session-cookies after your visit on Pictoplasma deletes the data collected via Piwik after 3 to 6 months.

You have the possibility to delete any content data except for the data provided in the messaging service and your comments, when logged in on Pictofolio. When you terminate your subscription Pictoplasma deletes all content data, except for the data provided in the messaging service and your comments. Exempt from the deletion is all data, which Pictoplasma stores for the purpose of backup storage, which is deleted according to the regular deletion of backups.


All information provided to Pictoplasma is stored on servers within the European Union. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not absolutely secure and thus, Pictoplasma cannot guarantee the protection of the data transmitted to the website via the Internet. However, Pictoplasma secures the website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, changes or distribution of the data by unauthorized persons. In particular, your personal data is transmitted in encrypted form.


Pictoplasma does not transfer personal data to third parties, unless you consented to such transfer or Pictoplasma is entitled or obliged to transfer such data due to statutory provisions and/or governmental or judicial order. This in particular serves the purposes of criminal prosecution, protection against threats and enforcement of intellectual property rights.


Pictofolio may contain hyperlinks to and from third party websites. Pictoplasma does not assume any responsibility or guarantee for third party content or privacy policies.


You can view the data stored by Pictoplasma about you by clicking on your “user profile.” You can correct such data by clicking on “edit your profile.”
In addition, you can access your personal data, withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data and request correction and/or deletion and/or blocking of such data at any time free of charge.
For this purpose and in order to obtain detailed information in this regard, you can contact Pictoplasma at charactercare (at) Pictofolio (dot) com
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority at any time.


Pictoplasma reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time with effect for the future. The current version is available on the website.
Pictoplasma will keep users with accounts for Pictoplasma informed about possible amendments to this Privacy Policy. In this case, Pictoplasma sends a message to the email address provided by you and/or informs you automatically the first time you log in to the services after updating this privacy policy.
In case you do not object to the new privacy policy within two weeks after receipt of such notice, you agree to such privacy policy. The notice contains the information that there is a possibility to object and states the period for such objection.
If the processing of further data by Pictoplasma requires your consent, Pictoplasma will ask you for such consent.

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