kinza rave



Hi, my name is Kinza Rave (yes, it is my reael name)). Kinza means treasure but i'm not that preciouzzz. ^~^))) I like to draw, 'cuazse i'm not really gooddoog with #words..
butt dad"'zzz" okê. I live in Doetinchem since today, but i'm also Livfing in winterzzwicjdkick in the wietkentweekendsz. Woriking in a museum called #VillaMondriaan (remember that name, it's a cool museum and you are alwayz welcome to see really n'iiice paintings of #pietmondriaan's (his younger years before the redblueyellowwhiteblackgrey_period u know)) okay, anywayz i like lars coz hie ist kühl guy, he is really kind. Peter is also oke..i guess, i dunnijntjenoooknowdontknow...he doesnt answer kwestionz. But maube his languazche is differintz den die von mirregoldfrankssensnewierook. Hoi doei liebe dich ganz kaputt