Matosinhos, Portugal

Maria Filipe Castro
Toy Artist

Designer and maker of deliciously cute characters in felt wool designed to make you smile...


8 d

Pommie and Baby Worm

24 d

Rotten Apple and Worm - Halloween

29 d

Vlood, vampire drop of blood - Halloween

1 mo

Tiny Toy - Pink Star

1 mo

Tiny Toy - Baby Worm in a leaf bed

1 mo

Tiny Toy - Cry Baby Cloud

2 mo

Tiny Toy - Bee

2 mo

Yellow Star - Tiny Toy

2 mo

Tiny Toy - Happy Tears Cloud

3 mo

Happy Tears Cloud

4 mo

Scoopsie Salted Caramel

4 mo

Cloudette and stars

5 mo

Scoopsie Black Sesame

5 mo

Scoopsie Honey

6 mo

Scoopsie Dragon Fruit

6 mo

Scoopsie Rainbow

7 mo

Good Morning with OJ

8 mo

Daisy and Bee are more than just friends!

9 mo

Happy Raindrop