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Call for Entries

Character Flags of Pictopia

Design a Flag for the United Character Nations!

Pictoplasma's new Call for Entries invites all international artists, illustrators, and designers to join the #CharacterFlags challenge and turn their character into an iconic, graphical representation of itself!

The story of Pictoplasma and flags has come a long way:
From the neon banners that distinguish all our festival's participating art spaces or the waiving of majestic character insignia over Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt, to recruiting participants with Character Collision propaganda in front of The Hague’s Ministry of Environment and showcasing the many meticulous textile creations by the likes of Sue Doeksen or El Grand Chamaco, featured at various art exhibitions around the globe.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, El Grand Chamaco, Character Collision Army in The Hague, Sue Doeksen

We think: As we cautiously return to and reclaim our public spaces, let’s make sure we are all greeted with a colourful, welcoming world... for characters and humans alike!

Here's what we're hoping for:

- Freshen up your knowledge of the craft of Vexillography, and make sure to follow the established rules for designing a Good Flag.

- IMPORTANT: The ratio of your flag design entry MUST be exactly 16:10 (panoramic), with at least 1600px width and 1000px height.

- By limiting yourself to clear, geometrical shapes and a bold, reduced colour palette (4-5 colours max), create an abstract figurative depiction of your character – or your character's flag.

- No typography

- Reminder: Your flag needs to be horizontal (16:10 )

- Upload your design to Pictofolio.com, Pictoplasma's free online character community.

- Before you upload anything, make sure you understood the wisdom of Vexillography. If the link doesn't work, google is your friend.

- Most importantly: Tag your entry in the About section with the official challenge hashtag #CharacterFlags

- Deadline for submission: June 10, 2021.

A jury will select approx. 30 designs from the submitted artworks to be lovingly produced as real-world flags, hailing visitors as a representation of today's diverse character nations at the upcoming Pictoplasma Berlin Festival in August, 2021.

And united again this summer, we'll proudly raise the flags of Pictopia!