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Call for Entries

Call for Entries: Too Cute to Fail!

Too many reflections in wildly distended pupils? The more the merrier! Going that extra mile to sugarcoat the drawing in rainbow glitter? Appreciated! Pushing bug-eyed babyfaces to off-the-chart cuteness levels? Hell yeah!

Pictoplasma and Clip Studio Paint ask you to:

Heal the world with an XXL portion of off-the-chart character cuteness.

Dark times call for desperate measures, so we're relying on you to fight back with an extra king-size portion of eye-candy exuberance and character kitsch. Pictoplasma's new Call for Entries invites international illustrators, designers and animators to join the #2Cute2Fail challenge and create insanely cute characters that guarantee to activate warm, fuzzy feelings in even the iciest of hearts.

That's right: We're talking bright, shiny eyes, cherubic chubby cheeks, unicorn-escapism, kitten overkill, pug puppies by the truckload, giggling micro piglet explosions and saccharine flare-ups. Use any medium or tool you like—from digital drawing to vector illustration or 3D rendering, from illustration and graphic design to animation—all we ask is that you kill them with cuteness (like above cuties by Renegades of Phong)!

From all submitted entries a jury will make a selection of ten finalists, who will win a lifetime license for Clip Studio Pro donated by CELSYS, the artist’s software for digital painting and illustration. One winner will additionally be gifted with a lifetime license of Clip Studio Pro EX and free registration to the Pictoplasma Berlin Conference 2020, granting full access to all lectures, workshops, screenings, exhibitions, presentations and parties—including flight and accommodation!!!


To participate, create and submit an original artwork portraying ONE character that is irresistibly cute, in a regular headshot perspective against a simple backdrop. You can choose any medium—it could be drawing, collage, digital painting, vector illustration, 3D graphics, or an animated GIF.

• Format: JPG, PNG or GIF; dimensions: minimum 2000 x 2000 pixels; size: maximum 20 MB
• Share your entry on Pictofolio and add the tag #2Cute2Fail in the about sectionof your submission
• Deadline for submission: February 15th, 2020

Don't forget to add the tag #2Cute2Fail in the about section of your submission!

More information in the challenge guidelines (> pdf)

Time for your characters to offer some much needed cute and cathartic comfort!

Squealing with joy already,



This challenge is supported by Clip Studio Paint, the artist’s software for digital painting and illustration.

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