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Call for Entries

Past Call for Entries: Secret Sidekick

Pictoplasma & Project1324 asked you to

Enhance your everyday reality with the characters you wish were there IRL!

Our day-to-day existence is often far less exciting than we wish it was: always the same old street corner, the lonely bus stop, or familiar patch of sky glimpsed through the bedroom window. Instead of zooming in on the smartphone screen, maybe we can improve the bigger picture, by adding the hidden friends, absent monsters, or secret figments of our imagination we wish were there?

In an open call for entries, Pictoplasma partnered up with Project1324 and challenged young, emerging artists AGED 18-24 to augment the banality of everyday by giving a face to their imaginary friends and secret sidekicks! Take a photo of a typical setting in your life, and add the character(s) to the scene that you wish were there to keep you company (like the above example by Woodcampers).

To "officially" join the challenge, participants had to be between 18 and 24 years old, and submit their sidekick to our partnering site at Project1324 here >

From all submissions, five selected winners will be invited to attend the Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2019 as special guests, including the opportunity to exhibit in an exclusive group show.

Alfredo Toons

My time has come \o/

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"Man, I'm too old for this sh.."

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Fantasmón #secretsidekick


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London's forest sprites