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BERLIN, 2 — 6 MAY 2018

Our 14th Conference and Festival awaits you for 5 bright days in Berlin, filled with more than 20+ awe-inducing artist presentations, over 100 fresh animations illuminating the big screen, a tour through numerous accompanying exhibitions and group-shows, hands-on workshops, out-of-body VR experiences, serious networking, endless play, performances, parties, inspiration and an opulence of character...

All info and tickets at: conference.pictoplasma.com

We're excited and hope to see you there!

Peter and Lars,

Scroll down for an impressive XXL lineup of...

Confirmed Participating Artists

VICTOR CASTILLO (CL), LA based artist, whose paintings appropriate the narrative logic of children's tales and vintage comics to present pitch-black allegories about human nature.
BENJAMIN VEDRENNE (FR) aka GLKT, French digital artist and animator with a passion for procedural generation, emerging systems, artificial intelligence, and glitch aesthetics.
SOPHIA JANSSON (FI), nice of Tove Jansson (1914-2001), legendary creator of the Moomins, managing and protecting the heritage as Chairman and Creative Director of Moomin Characters Ltd.
SMITHE (MX), Mexican painter, muralist and artist, using visual defragmentation to reveal the inside elements that power his surrealistic machine characters.
CACHETEJACK (ES), Spanish freelance illustration duo creating a hand drawn universe full of colours, energy, bliss, humour and irony.
CHARLOTTE MEI (UK), artist and illustrator whose personal projects and commissioned work joyfully embraces the media of painting, drawing and ceramics.
EDEL RODRIGUEZ (CUB), artist and illustrator of Cuban origin, who's recent output is among the most iconic, globally recognisable and controversial on the current US Presidency.
KÉVIN GEMIN (FR), young, self-taught animator from France know as Kékéflipnote, who has taken the simple tools provided by his Nintendo DSi and 3DS console to captivate his audiences.
REKA BUSCI (HU), multi-award winning animator that recently finished her first feature length project "Solar Walk" — a movie accompanied by a live jazz orchestra.
JIM STOTEN (UK), illustrator with a deep love for sketchbooks, famed for his elaborate and intricate drawings of vast colorful landscapes with a distinct psychedelic flavor.
JAMES CURRAN (UK), British animator and director praised for his ‘Gifathon’ projects — 30 GIFs created in 30 days, based on his personal experiences while living in a new city.
ALBERTO VÁZQUEZ (SP), multi-award winning writer, animation director and illustrator with an artistic background rooted deep in underground comics.
Danette Beatty (USA), 3D artist for the upcoming Ooblets life simulation game currently developed by Rebecca Cordingley, and most recently level designer for the praised Monument Valley 2 by Ustwo Games.
GED SIA (LT), Lithuanian animation director, visual artist and founder of celebrated studio PetPunk.
ALEX JENKINS (UK), ward-winning creative director working on interactive AR and VR projects at Nexus Interactive Arts.
GUTSY MEDIA / Marika Makaroff (FI), award-winning content creator currently working as Creative Director and Executive Producer on the soon to be released Moominvalley television series.
ALEX NORRIS (UK), famed creator of complicated meta-gag webcomics such as ‘Dorris McComics’ or ‘Webcomic Name,' struggling to write anything without an ‘oh no’ punchline.
TARTARUGA FELIZ (BR), Berlin based artist from Brazil working at the intersection of technology and play, using her characters to bring more empathy, love and creativity to the world.
ENCYCLOPEDIA PICTURA (USA), Californian film, animation and puppeteering studio exploring the intersection of nature and technology for the likes of Björk, Kanye West, Panda Bear or Dirty Projectors.
DARREN DUBICKI / AARDMAN(UK), animation director at the world renown Bristol based studio Aardman, who recently completed the studio's first fully immersive VR film ‘We Wait.’

Paul Thomas

Great line up! 🤓

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Javier Marimón

wish i was at least 10000km closer :)

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Dair Biroli

next year I will go! It is my goal!

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