Digital Overdose

A personal illustration about digital overdose, and the usual colour dilemma: every colour scheme suggests a different story.

The left one is warmer and more colorful, hinting at a better acceptance of digital saturation, like the enjoyable necessary evil it can be.

The middle one mixes a colder bottom with a warmer up: all the fun seems to be confiscated by the abnormally developped mind part, while the body is left in a neglected blue and cold environment. It is relevant to the theme, although you lose the enjoyable colours from the clothes and a part of the mask-face.

The right one is fully blue, and everything seems to have been absorbed in a cold digital world. Losing colour information, everything is being flattened in the process: hierarchies, priorities, emotions, or in this so-called post-truth era, truthfulness of facts, going well with the childish/undetailed style of the information overload you can see in the eyes.

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