El Señor Tube

A very sophisticated and mysterious character. He simply goes by the name of “El Señor Tube” because of its distinctive head, shaped like an exhaust pipe. No one knows him for sure, but he seems to be a very important personality of “Elgreenproject’s" strange and vast universe. This elusive character can be found in peculiar and dreamlike places, always dressing sharply, with its distinctive bowler hat and tailored suits. He also has a loyal canine companion called “Perro Tube” following his shade. Is he some kind of wealthy benefactor of this unknown place? Is he a well known philanthropist? Is he a philosopher? A professor? Is he the president? Well, we don’t know for sure, but without a doubt he has become the face of this universe —it’s "mickey mouse", so to speak—, adding even more mystery to the ongoing “Elgreen project .”



que grande!! me encanta!!!

3 y
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