Ella the Courageous.

I draw a little girl happily playing with oversized beings a lot. She is called Ella the courageous depicting my daughter but also me at times of fear and self destructionfeelings.

Friederike Ablang

Here is the poem that goes with it:
Tomorrow we hike into the world,
Without possession and unfurled.
Quietly just you and me,
Together we are never lonely.
Don't need things and gear and stuff,
We need love, air and a laugh.
Blueberries on the path's side,
In mine your little hand can hide.
Into cool air we climb so high,
Breathing freedom's freshest sigh.

Morgen ziehen wir in die Welt,
ohne Habe, ohne Geld.
Nur wir beide still zu zwei'n,
Zusammen sind wir nicht allein.
Brauchen keine Dinge, keine Sachen,
Brauchen Liebe, Luft und freies Lachen.
Blaubeeren am Wegesrand,
Nehme Deine kleine Hand.
Klettern hoch in kühle Lüfte,
Atmen Freiheit's klare Düfte.

5 y
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