7 d

i am studying my tiny ones through a magnifier because they are too tiny

10 d

Timothy (the tiny master )

12 d

what a mountain looks like

14 d

oh no! in a dark abandoned corner of the studio...

14 d

I thought maybe instead of people having to look at my drawings slowly I could make them all look at them really quick and all at once like this!

22 d

Ghost practice

23 d

here is a lime and a fluff and a speech bubble and painted over splodge

25 d

Here is a tiny Ghost and you have to look at it really close up for ages but don't worry because it is not one of those trick pictures which is all quiet and then jumps out and scares you at all ! :)

26 d

some bunny's and a thundercloud and a ghost and stuff.

1 mo

a sad little traffic cone

1 mo

a little angry teardrop and a lemon

10 mo

a boy with the face of a boy but the body of an elephant