C Mavros


United States

As a 3D storyteller, artists, and craftsperson C Mavros, aka it’s a CYN, creates whimsical characters from her musings and wild imagination. She merges traditional crafts and modern digital techniques to create her characters — 3D modeling, 3D printing, molding, casting, hand sewing, hand painting, yadda-yadda-yadda. Believing there is beauty in nonsense, it's a CYN, creates characters that awaken emotions, while evoking a sense of whimsy.



14 d

My LittleCthulhu

3 mo

My Little Cthulhu

3 mo

Tarnish the 24 karat hare

4 mo

No need To Pluck

4 mo


4 mo


4 mo

So sad too bad

8 mo

Frida's monkey

10 mo

Genus Bombus

11 mo

Thia, The Space Traveler

11 mo

Will work for Nuts