Hiné Mizushima


Vancouver, Canada

My name is Hiné Mizushima, and I am a Slow Crafter who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, with my family. I was born and raised in Japan. I majored in Japanese traditional paintings in Tokyo.

My main work is felt sculpture. I also make stop-motion animation music videos (mostly for They Might Be Giants), dioramas, miniature collages, using with my felt sculptures. I recently started Japanese Kogin embroidery as well.

My work has been exhibited in galleries in many cities in US, Japan and Australia, and published in books, magazines and DVDs as well. I sells my felt creations, embroidered brooches and prints on my Etsy shop, and also have Society6 and Redbubble art print & goods shops.



8 d


24 d

Medusa Fungus (Carnivorous Fungi series)

28 d

Medusa Fungus B (Carnivorous Fungi series)

30 d

Parasitic Fungus (Carnivorous Fungi series)

1 mo

Venomous Fungus (Carnivorous Fungi series)

1 mo

Clam Fungus (Carnivorous Fungi series)

1 mo

My Cute Pet Centipede

4 mo

Squid Kagami-Mochi

5 mo

Happy Holidays!

5 mo

Playful Crafter

5 mo

Surprised Gift

5 mo

Purple Octopus on a Christmas Tree

5 mo

A Holiday Visit from Ectoplasm

5 mo

Mr. Squid, a Crafter

6 mo


6 mo