angry_koala is an artist duo.
bringing the supa_funky_fresh style
to the world since 1982.

our tree can be found in hamburg city, germaica.
angry_koala iz hot like juicy jalapenos.
kicking that sick shit & bringing da bam.
remixing supa_dopeness with
street_stylez and graphic_design.
hyper_haze_power and mad_mindset_technology.
thiz is PMAA - positive mental attitude art"

angry_koala wants 2 make you smile and think.
pumping out canvas, art_toyz, shirtz,
posterz, stickerz, murals,
graffiti and illustration on
everything you can imagine.
you name it. we make it.
feel free 2 contact us.

teamed up with HKDNS since 2017.
new best friendz with
a high output level.