WHAT????????? is Pictoplasma’s new Portfolio Community for Contemporary Character Design and Art – and an online extension of the offline encounters at real world Pictoplasma events, such as the Conference, Festival or Academy. Pictofolio enables artists to stay in touch with old friends, meet new ones, inspire each other, collaborate and show character!

During the Beta phase Pictofolio is only accepting an exclusive, selected group of artists upon invitation. Currently we are limiting things to attendees of the Pictoplasma Academy and Conference. However, at a later stage we hope to extend our service and invite new artists to join. Should you wish to be informed as soon as new invitations to Pictofolio are granted, please feel free to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter, and you’ll be the first to know.



Way back in 1999 went online via 56k modem to serve as the first ever online platform for contemporary visuals, character design and art. Only shortly after the turn of the millennium we had already compiled more than 10.000+ artworks by thousands of international artists, all manually tagged and made accessible by “Artist”, “Country”, or “Character”. That was way before such a thing as Web 2.0 was imaginable – and probably that’s why, just a little later, our entire database imploded and all was lost.

Instead of trying to rebuild what was gone, we focused firmly on what we were left with: real characters (and especially their real creators) in the actual world. We put all our energy into hosting a growing “offline” network, where artists can truly meet in the flesh, inspire and collaborate with each other: at our Pictoplasma conferences, festivals, group shows, workshops and Academy masterclasses.

Only now, after more than 15 years of accompanying a large international community of creatives, designers, illustrators, animators, artists and fans, all connected by a shared love for contemporary, character-driven visual art, we feel it’s time to revisit our initial idea of an online community. Today we’re ready to extend the quality of our real-world, tangible, creative encounters with a soul-full and supportive online network, where artists can push characters to new physical heights.




Pictofolio is currently in early Beta and only accepts artist Portfolios upon invitation.
Invited artists can sign up for a Pictofolio account by entering their personal invitation code

In order to create a Pictofolio account you’ll need to provide the following information:

FIRST NAME, LAST NAME (your display name / artist name, can be changed at a later stage)

YOUR CONFERENCE REGISTRATION NUMBER (The personal attendee registration number is part of the conference code you’ve received via email, looking something like:
#PPB-2016 – “your 3 digit number” + “your name”. Please enter the 3 digit number)

USERNAME (unique name that will result in your personal Pictofolio handle: CHOOSE WISELY: the username can not be edited or changed once your Pictofolio account has been created!)

E-MAIL ADDRESS (your email address)

COUNTRY (your country of origin. As soon as you’ve set up your account, you will be able to add your current location (city, country), which – in most cases – will probably be somewhere else )

PASSWORD (required for log in together with your email address or username)

Once you’ve successfully set up your account you’ll be able to edit your Pictofolio information and account settings, add and maintain your character artwork, empathise with – or comment on – the artwork of others, send each other private messages, and join the growing character community.


As soon as you log in to Pictofolio, you are automatically directed to your personal profile, where you have access to several functions and settings:

A) ACCOUNT SETTINGS – the top right “cog wheel” Icon

add, edit and manage your Pictofolio profile picture, your artist biography, information on your current location (city, country), up to 3 main artistic focus areas (such as Animation, Illustration or Graphic Design) and your external website URL.

access and manage your Account settings, such as your email address, your password, your privacy settings or if you want to be notified via Email when someone interacts with you on Pictofolio

B) PORTFOLIO NAVIGATION – the navigation bar below your profile

There are several tabs publicly displayed under your profile:

a list of the artists you are following, and those that are following you

all Character artworks you have shared via Pictofolio

your artist profile and contact information

your thoughts, discussions and postings on the community wall

Additionally, once you’re signed in, you’ll privately have access to:

the private Messages you have sent and received from other artists on Pictofolio

all character artworks on Pictofolio you have empathised with

from here you can add new Characters to your Pictofolio, or easily manage and edit your already shared characters



In order to add Characters to Pictofolio you’ll be asked to provide the following:

The Name of your Character, or title of your work

One image (portrait) of your Character as a jpg, gif (also animated!) or png file (up to 3MB).
Images are proportionally cropped if they exceed a max. of 1000px in width or height.
In general, as things are currently set up, a width of 1000 pixels will look best

A brief description or background info on your Character, the general Project or additional information and credits you want to provide (50 words max)

Please select the Species that your Character belongs to. Choose the most appropriate

Please select the Mood your Character is in. Choose the most appropriate

Please select the Media/Style your Character was created in. Choose the most appropriate

As soon as you’ve submitted the required information, your Character will automatically be added to Pictofolio. Artists will be able to empathise with your work, comment on it and spread the word via their social networks. Should you at any point want to change the image, title, about text, species or mood – or even delete it all together – you’ll be able to do so via the ADD/EDIT CHARACTERS! tab under your profile.